M1 Sports Management

2017 – Present

M1 Sports Management Inc.


  • Design Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design/Development
  • Branded Stationery Design

Providing world class results through a professional team that has the versatility to meet every clients goals and objectives.

Working with M1 Sports Management Inc. we worked closely to re-brand and re-position the brand to align with a more modern and contemporary direction. This direction provided a clean and powerful direction for the brand. A direction of simple and modern type allows for the brand to move into this new era.

Color & material

Using the original colour palette of red, dark and light grey. It provides a simple but effective palette and direction of the brand. Red being the primary colour provides the power and clear direction of the brand. The dark grey’s balance well with this bold primary colour choice.

Strong Red


Supporting Grey


Subtle Grey


What We Delivered

We helped deliver unique and customized designs for M1 Sports Management Inc.

Power of Simplicity

Personalized Brand Direction

Project Stats


Percent increase in web traffic


Hours of design


Raving reviews
M1 Sports Management Inc.

Branded Stationery

M1 Sports Management was provided a new look of stationery aligning with the re-brand. Keeping page elements simple but providing the qualities and services M1 Sports Management Inc. provides with every opportunity.

M1 Sports Management Inc.

Promotional Advertisements

Simple billboard and marketing designs established when promoting the brand around the city.


Clean & Responsive

Providing a simple framework that integrates and functions across multiple platforms

Unique Grid

A unique grid displaying the multiple competencies of M1 Sports Management Inc.

Providing the Service

Providing a simple layout of content making it easy to navigate throughout the website.