Poster Design

Creating some awesome and unique poster designs.

Here we’ve created and developed some interesting poster designs for various demands.

City of New Westminster

New West Grand Prix

Promotional event poster design highlighting the event start date and aligning to the event brand standards. Unique colour and shape use provides the poster with energy and flow.

St. Thomas Aquinas High

Soccer posters

Provided some athletic posters for the athletic department at St. Thomas Aquinas High School with a proposed direction of that vintage sports feel to each design.


Multiple Designs

Various poster designs showcasing each to their own asks. A Nike poster highlighting the amount of workout hours completed for the Nike Training App. Corporate ping-pong tournament poster providing info about the tournament using vibrant colours to make the poster jump off the wall when posted around the office. Lastly a personal poster design integrating type and photography.

Big Brothers

Bowling for Big Brothers Event

Designed a poster for a volunteer event under Big Brothers. This poster was used to promote a bake-sale event to help raise money and awareness for Big Brothers.