Vandrico Inc.

2009 – 2017

Vandrico Inc.


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Scalable Digitalization.

Vandrico delivers intuitive user-experiences through a relentless desire to
understand its Clients’ real-world challenges. Vandrico is not a cocky, ashy tech
start-up – Vandrico uses technical prowess to solve difcult challenges and meet
practical needs..

Color & material

Use of this palette allows Vandrico Inc. to build brand recognition. Over time, the use of the colour palette will be associated with Vandrico Inc. in the same way that the logo is recognized as representing Vandrico Inc.

Corporate Blue


Light Blue


Mid Grey


Vandrico sees an automated future, where humans work intuitively with machines to reach exponentially greater productivity with no risk to human life.

What We Delivered

Our logo is one of our most powerful assets.
It reminds us to be passionate in the pursuit of our game-changing ambitions, and fearless in the face of competition.

Powerful and Unmistakable

Innovation at All Levels

Vandrico Inc.

Branded Stationery

The visual identity has been simplified, crafted and perfected to make it more representative of the distinctive character and qualities of Vandrico Inc.

Vandrico Inc.

Branded Stationery

Vandrico Inc. is truly agile, provides a fully open software system and uses user-driven design to provide the best in customer experience.

A quick glance at the branded guideline produced